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Visual Arts

Visual design or Visual Arts in one of the oldest forms of arts. It encompasses different disciplines including Architecture, Fashion and even more logic based like Engineering and Sciences. Learning Visual Arts allows us to understand Art History, Art Psychology, Colour Theory, Illustrator, Sculpting and now we can appreciate it in applied fields like Graphic Design, Photography, Interior Design and UX/UI Design. There are many things you can do with Visual Arts like sketching, painting, sculpting and other digital designs like creatives.

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Music is the result of sound and tunes. Human invention and some animals create this tune art called Music. Music can be the form of singing, playing an instrument like guitar, drums, piano. Music varies in different parts of the world. Music also accompanies other human activities like social ceremonies and family occasions. Music is in tandem with dance. Music has different genres like gospel, blues, rock, country, soul, rhythm and blues, folk, jazz to name a few. There are different types of musicians from vocalist, guitarist, drummers and modern technologies like drum machine and synthesizer.

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