Man solving problems using a laptop

Why Coding?

Coding is more than coding. Coding allows us to problem solve. Logic is a basis on how to use different types of scripts to make an application. Programmer works with different types of staff including design, business staff and users. Coding process different types of thinking from functional and object-oriented programming styles. Depending on the application coding follows best practices, frameworks and design patterns as guidelines to provide solutions in the form of software. From creating a flow chart and even user story we can derive some insights on what types of information we can put in the code in the form of methods, data structures, design patterns and types of information to store, utilize and communicate.

What to learn from Technology

  • wireframes format


    Learn more about UX/UI Design and its connection to Graphic Design and other disciplines from Visual Design. Design requires more than just wireframes, it requires planning, documenting and also organize information into flow charts, diagrams, user stories and prototypes.

  • code developer


    Front end and Back end development to choose from. C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, C# and PHP to name a few that provides client-side and server-side technologies. JavaScript use mostly in the front-end development. C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, C# and PHP are used in the backend where it deals with server connection and databases.

  • presenting data


    Organize data and make good insights that helps business makes cost-effective and profitable decisions. Data is important because this is the source of information when answering questions from sales transactions, inventory records and preparing financial documents. Learn relational and non-relational databases using SQL and NoSQL.

  • network servers, routers connected using cable


    Networking deals with how computers are interconnected to each other. Important to know how the data are stored and processes in via servers, routers and internet technologies. Scripting is important in networking and it can be perform by typing commands in the command line. Networking has many layers that understands some of the concept from Internet Protocol.

  • robot learning how to do simple activities

    Emerging Technologies

    New technologies are in-demand and increasingly play important role in daily activities. Voice search and Digital maps have been beneficial in conducting daily activities more convenient including where to shop, get food and drinks and drive for important appointments. From Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity, there are technologies that helps us adapt in the future.

How to learn technology

It starts with how to problem solve. Learning technology comes with solving problems and there are several approaches to get solutions. Flow charts, gathering and understanding requirements are important in the process of developing the applications.

code background

Understand the Programmer Perspective!

Understand the knowledge of programmer allows the person to contribute the resources that can help them build the application. Depending on the techniques, frameworks, technologies, team, one must understand the timelines and the resource constraints to come up with solution that are feasible and benefit the profit bottomline. In addition, teamwork is definitely a must and it is encourage. By learning some basic programming concepts, we can appreciate the programmer efforts in using different types of methodololgies in solving problems that could be in the form of Agile, Traditional and other best practices to deliver high quality of software. Also, it is important to utilize self directed learning and peer feedback to carry tasks effectively and lends to a great contribution to the team.