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Here at LaVivaLearn, we present blogs that about what things to learn during and after quarantine.
We take notes on ensuring that we produced blogs that are suitable for people of different interests and goals.
We make sure that we can keep ourselves busy and productive during pandemic and Learning is one way of keeping ourselves occupied for the moment to seek what works for us.

Benefits of Learning

reading a book

Memory Retention

Relearning is one of the most effective approaches in allowing the brain to conduct activities that requires problem solving. Taking time to learn by just reading a book can help the brain process information that would allow for recall of the events. This relearning constributes for better retention of short and long term memory.

happy to graduate

Open Perspectives

Relearning allows to other people perspectives in approaching to complete an activity. This is where we can evaluate the likes and the dislikes of ourselves when encountering different situations. However, it allows us to see other lenses and can get out of comfort zone to understand the real problem and come out with a better solution.

happy and be optimistic

Satisfied in Learning

Relearning caters to more satisfaction because it provides the opportunity to learn from mistakes. Encountering different siuations in the past and learn from what went well and what went wrong allow us to make better decisions if we planned and act accordingly. Happy and enthusiastic to learn is always an absolute plus when it comes tackling challenges and overcoming chaos and becoming more resilient.

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